ELV Systems & Solutions

TECH CARE SOLUTIONS LLC provides essential Low Voltage systems that are key to running successful businesses, healthcare and  entertainment facilities, campuses and industrial properties.  

Our continual  commitment to research, partnerships with top suppliers, and the ongoing training and certification of our team members makes us a trusted partner for all of your low voltage needs. 

Security Systems

TECH CARE SOLUTIONS LLC understands security systems. We are experts at determining which technology suits your needs, and designing, installing and  maintaining your security system. Our partnerships with leading developers and manufacturers mean that when you work with Techcare Solutions you are always receiving state-of-the-art solutions.

Information Technology

TECH CARE SOLUTIONS LLC offer a complete range of products from market leading brands, allowing for high-quality integrations and scalability of solutions.  

We combine access to technology from best-in-class manufacturers with expertise in solution design and offer specialized solutions across multiple verticals.  

Our Clientele

We are in good company.