The world is changing ...

Business management technologies also chnages. Be with leaders, who are controlling their businesses with ERP systems.

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We can offer Your company latest business control system. It uses only one database for all company processes. That's why it will allow your team to continue working from home or office, or any other place in the world, stay connected to the project management, calendar, sales and purchases module, manage your HR, automatically calculate salaries, follow online orders and make deliveries. More than that - easiest way to start e-commerce - just one click, and Your product will appear online in your website. 

This ERP includes such modules:

  • CRM (leads and opportunities from email, website or call)

  • Calendar (online meetings, reminders, and events will save your time)

  • Sales (create quotations, sales orders, follow up on payments)

  • Purchases (request for quotation, send LPO by email or whatsaap)

  • Store (receive and deliver products, manage inventory)

  • Accounting (automatic processes of accounting)

  • POS (cashier work fully integrated with accounting and store)

  • HR(online jobs posting, employees directory, automatic salary calculation including  attendance from fingerprint machine, sick and annual leaves) 

  • E-commerce (fully integrated with your store and accounting)

  • Website (design can be edited same easy as in MS Word)

  • Discussion (online chat with employees or customers)

  • Projects (see timeline, change task status, share with customer)

  • Email and SMS marketing (send newsletters to your contacts)

  • And many many more...

System can be adopted to any type of business. It meets UAE accounting requirements. System has 73 languages, including english, arabic, russian, french and all other. 

 Our meeting can be done without real contact. We can do demonstration online. All our services will be done by distance, it means You will not take risk to get Corona virus.

This website is also generated using exactly the same system.